The Motherboard arrived!

The Motherboard arrived!

Took only a few days to get the motherboard manufactured at JLCPCB.
The quality of the motherboard blew my mind. Everything worked great, it was time to make the metal enclosure prototype!

Robotron first motherboard


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This blog post on the arrival of the motherboard is incredibly exciting and informative. As someone who is passionate about building and upgrading computers, I appreciate the detailed insights provided in this article. The description of the motherboard’s features, specifications, and potential applications has sparked my interest and enthusiasm for exploring new possibilities in computer hardware. Additionally, the anticipation of upcoming projects and the potential for enhancing system performance with the new motherboard is both inspiring and motivating. Overall, this blog post has served as a valuable source of information and inspiration for me as I continue to delve deeper into the world of computer building and customization. Thank you for sharing such exciting updates!

Vivek Yadav

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