Arduino MIDI Controller on a bread board

This is how it all started!


Back in May 2022, I started to build a MIDI controller for my Arturia plugins. I was frustrated to have such amazing plugins but not being able to touch them!
They sound so great, I needed to feel them and it had to be with a solid vintage MIDI controller, just like the real synths that I used to own in the 90s.

I waited for years hoping that a brand would release such a controller. So I had to build my own MIDI controller, there was just nothing on the market that looked and felt like a real synth.
The market was only flooded with pads controllers, everything was aimed at controlling Ableton Live. Most of them having a few rotary encoders to control your synths. It doesn't feel good on the touch, definitely no analog feel to it!
Since I studied electronics and computer science at school back in the days, it was time to put that knowledge to practice!

I was on my way to design Robotron, a USB MIDI controller that looks and feel like a real synth from the 80s! Just like a MOOG, a Prophet or a legendary Roland.

This is a test board working great. 

Then it was time to move to the next step and design all the features!

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