About Us


    My name is David Jacopin aka Taho. I created Viper Synths in 2022, my background being in electronics and computer science.
    I’ve been looking for MIDI controllers that would feel like real synthesisers for years. I’ve tried many gears but I couldn’t find anything that I could enjoy as much as a real synth.
    I like solid, beautiful, well finished, metal and wood cases, like it was made in the 70s and 80s.

    Inspired by legendary Moog, Oberheim, Roland and Sequential Circuits, I designed ROBOTRON, a beautiful USB MIDI controller that makes you feel virtual synths.

  • I wanted a vintage look, something with a soul, so I selected the highest quality materials used back in the days. Something with a history like Bakelite plastic used on the Moog knobs. This material was invented by Leo Baekeland in 1907. Bakelite is an extremely solid plastic which can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals.
    It was widely used in aircraft engines but also jewellery for its beauty just to name a few applications.

    For the wood I chose exotic Sapelli, often used on boats for its robustness and beautiful look. It is particularly prized for its lustrous iridescence. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture, luxury flooring, and musical instruments.

    For the case I chose powder coated steel. Steel is a very strong material and powder coating makes it not only beautiful but very durable.
    As for the top panel, I wanted something special and I went with an anodized blue aluminium, glass blasted for a matt and detailed finish.

    I hope you will enjoy the products I design as much as I do, and that they will inspire you.